Almog Shiloni

A fighter by nature, a volunteer by heart, a father to his subordinates, a cherishing and loving son, a supportive brother and an amazing partner with many plans for the future.
בית אלמוג שילוני

the almog shiloni home

A Happy, Warm And Supportive Home For Lone Soldiers Based On The Values Of Almog Blessed His Memory, Commemorating His Activity And Allowing Us To Follow His Path.

מרכז ערכים בבית אלמוג

value center

Mutual Guarantee, Contribution, Responsibility, Heroism And Sensitivity – These Are The Values That Will Be Empowered And Emphasized Via Contents And Actions.

לתרום ולהירתם לבית אלמוג

Contribute And Be Contributed

We Need Professional Assistance And Donations For Establishing The New Almog Shiloni Home For 108 Lone Soldiers! Join The Hundreds Who Already Volunteered.